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What are the Benefits of a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Soft wash roof cleaning has been proven to be the most eco-friendly way to clean a roof. Homeowners that have done this in the past report having improved air quality, decreased energy costs and increased home values. It’s not just for new roofs either; it cleans existing roofs too! This is a great way to save time and money on roof cleaning.

Soft washing removes dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other debris from the surface of your roof without using any chemicals. It can be done on a new roof without causing damage or discoloration.

Soft washing is also effective in cleaning moss, mold, and algae from flat roofs too! A soft wash works great for low-slope roofs because it’s gentle enough to clean the entire surface of your roof. Soft washing even cleans all the way up to ridges without damaging shingles or tiles. With this method you won’t miss those hard-to-reach spots found under valleys either!

Benefits of using a professional include: no risk of falling off ladders, proper safety precautions are taken leaving homeowners free from worry about their property while they’re away, these professionals have high quality equipment that allows them to work than other alternatives which means less time cleaning your roof, and they have the experience to get rid of any mess that’s on top of it.

Roof cleaning for new roofs: soft washing new roofs is safe because this method doesn’t use chemicals or high-powered water hoses which can cause damage during installation.

The soft wash process will not harm or discolor your shingles. This is in comparison to pressure washing, which can remove the granules from shingles and cause them to become brittle.

When cleaning new roofs, you also have less chance of causing damage or discoloration that may result during installation like penetrations through your roof such as skylights and vents. Not only does this save time but it’s cost effective too!

Roof cleaning for existing homes: soft wash roof cleaning works great on existing homes because using chemicals isn’t necessary. A soft wash will not harm your home if done by a professional who uses safe methods.

On top of that, your roof gets fully cleaned without all the hassle that comes with other alternatives, no risk of falling off ladders.

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Lastly, your home will smell fresh and look clean after a soft wash! You’ll get an immediate improvement in curb appeal with a fresh new look on your home’s exterior! Another benefit of using a professional is that they are trained to work on all types of roofs. They know how to avoid potential hazards like skylights, vents, and other penetrations through your roof. It’s cost effective too because you won’t have to worry about buying additional equipment or having the knowledge required for safe cleaning practices.

Soft washing your roof is a great way to improve the look of your home, protect its exterior and save money on energy bills!

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