Soft Washing Roof Cleaning

Which Roof Cleaner is Right for You: Soft Wash House or Jet-Wash House?

Do you know the difference between soft wash house cleaning and jet-wash roof cleaners? Soft wash is a gentler process that does not use harsh chemicals to clean your roof. Soft wash only uses water and detergent, which are mixed together to create a solution that can be sprayed on the roof with pressure washers or other equipment. Soft wash will remove dirt, algae, lichen buildup and organic material from your roof without damaging it in any way. The result is a clean surface with no damage done whatsoever!

Jet-Wash is stronger than soft wash because it uses more powerful chemicals such as biodegradable surfactants to break down dirt particles so they can be easily removed by high pressure water jets.

Soft wash is a gentler way to clean your roof and will not damage the shingles at all, while jet-wash is a stronger cleaner that can remove organic material from your roof. Soft wash and jet-wash are both effective methods at removing dirt and algae buildup on roofs of most kinds.

Jet-wash uses high pressure water to clean, but it can cause damage if applied too often or with too much force. Soft wash cleans by using only water and detergent, which is gentler but not as strong.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you should use a soft wash because jet-washing will create holes in them.  Soft wash is much safer for roofs of all kinds and will keep them looking clean without damage to the shingles. Soft washing is also a cheaper way to get your roof looking great because it does not use harsh chemicals, which can be expensive!

Soft Washing Roof Nashville
Soft Washing Roof in Nashville

Jet-wash is better for removing stains from moss on roofs while soft washing may take more time to get rid of these types of stains. Soft washing is also a great option for removing algae and lichen from roofs of all kinds.

Soft washing will not damage your roof, whereas jet-wash may cause permanent damage to some types of shingles. Soft wash uses only water and detergent while jet-wash often needs other chemicals in order to have any effect on the dirt particles. Soft washing costs less than using chemical cleaners because it does not require expensive extra components like jet-washing does. Soft washing is more efficient at cleaning moss from roofs without causing damage or wearing down the shingles over time.

Soft wash can remove organic material much better than many commercial products that are specifically meant for this job! Soft washed surfaces will last longer without damage and will keep your roof looking clean for a long time. Soft washing is more effective overall when it comes to making your roof look new again without causing permanent damage in the process!

Jet-wash cleans by using pressure washers that shoot high speed jets of water onto the surface, but this can be too damaging on some types of roofs such as asphalt shingle ones. Soft washed surfaces are less likely to have holes made in them over time compared with those that use jet-washing systems because they do not require extra chemicals added into their mix like.